7 Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care Center Over a Hospital ER


For anyone who is in the Cypress, Spring, Houston or Harris County Area, Texas looking for an emergency urgent care center can visit Cypress Creek. Cypress Creek offers 24-hour urgent care in Houston TX for individuals with non-life threatening injuries or conditions.  They can treat conditions like sprains, broken bones, moderate difficulties with breathing, and they are able to do diagnostics like CT scans, X-rays, and EKG services.

When it comes to choosing whether you are going to be visiting the hospital emergency room or traveling to an urgent care center, there are several reasons that point to an urgent care center as the best choice, permitting that your condition is non-life threatening:

1. Quick Service

You won’t have to wait for hours in the waiting room to be treated. Since urgent care centers deal with non-life threatening conditions, treatment goes faster!

2. Efficient

Urgent care centers are efficient as they have trained personnel that can do the job right. ER rooms have trained personnel for emergencies, not for non-life threatening conditions and therefore cannot provide treatment in the same way that urgent care professionals can.

3. Excellent Service

Urgent care centers are designed to fix the condition, provide a treatment, and help the patient. High-quality care is what urgent care centers are all about, so the service you will get will be top notch.

4. Less Paperwork

When you visit an urgent care center, you will only receive one, maybe two bills at the most for your care. When you visit a hospital, you will get one from every department that is required during your treatment.

5. Less People

If you are worried about catching an illness while sitting in a waiting room, urgent care centers have a far less chance of promoting this type of environment. Urgent care centers have less sick waiting in their waiting rooms, making the risk of contracting an illness far less.

6. Medication Availability

For prescription prescribed medication, you are required to go do a pharmacy, but with an urgent care center all medications are available at the clinic and can be filled there.

7. Patient-Centered

Emergency department personnel are trained to help accident patients or heart attack patients rather than patients who have non-life threatening conditions. However, urgent care center personnel are trained to be patient friendly, and treat conditions in an efficient manner.

Not only are you going to get treated in a quick manner, have friendly service, and come out with lower costing bills, you can visit the Cypress Creek at any point in time.