Advice To Make Your Emergency Room Experience Better

There are times when you absolutely need to seek medical treatment from the emergency room at the local hospital. There are also times when you need care when your doctor’s office is not open but you can get that care at an urgent care center. The professionals at an emergency room in Houston, TX say the following represent some reasons to call 911 or go to the emergency department:

  • Serious chest pain. If it is accompanied with sweating, vomiting or shortness of breath and/or if it goes into other parts of your body such as down your left arm.
  • Have any symptom of a stroke. This can include sudden difficulty speaking, confusion, clumsiness, etc.
  • A severe headache that comes on suddenly.
  • Severe bleeding or bleeding that will not stop.
  • Serious head injury that includes a loss of consciousness.

This list does not cover all of the reasons to go to an emergency room. These represent the types of problems that require treatment in the hospital emergency department.

If you have a primary care physician, you can talk to their office about the symptoms you are experiencing and they can advise you. Many insurance companies also have services that can help you determine if your symptoms necessitate a trip to the emergency room.

If you do go to the emergency room, you should bring with you:

  • A list of all medications you take
  • A list of any allergies you have. This should include medications you are allergic to as well as anything else you are allergic to such as eggs, latex, or anything else
  • The name and contact information for your primary care physician

They will ask you about your current and past medical problems. If you have a complicated history, you may want to write that up to share with the staff at the hospital. When you are in a lot of pain and are stressed out by the experience, this can help make sure you do not forget to tell them something because you are not at your best.