Does Your Child Need to Go to the Er? Make the Experience Go Better with This Advice

If your child is injured or has become very sick, you may need to take them to the hospital emergency room. Experts at the emergency room in Spring TX recommend you do the following if you think your child needs immediate and urgent medical care.

First of all, before you need emergency services at the hospital, talk to your pediatrician. At the very least you need to know where that physician has admitting privileges so you can pick the right hospital. You can also make a plan of action for the times when your child needs care in the emergency department. If you have not talked to your family doctor or the pediatrician, try to go to a children’s hospital if there is one near you. They are used to dealing with children and can be less scary than going to an emergency room where they only deal with adults.

Another thing you can do before you need to go to the emergency room is to write up your kid’s medical history. You know all of it but to make sure you do not forget something you should write up a list of:

  • Your pediatrician’s contact information
  • Any medications your child is taking
  • Any allergies he or she has
  • His or her medical history
  • Any prior hospitalizations or surgeries
  • A list of any immunizations
  • Any pertinent family medical issues

You will be in a better place to help your child if you have this done in advance so that you do not omit any important information because of your stress level, which is understandably high when your child is sick or injured. When you go to the hospital, you may want to bring some items like their favorite stuffed animal so they can have something comforting from home to focus on during what can be a scary experience.