7 Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care Center Over a Hospital ER


Welcome to Cypress Creek ER and our blog! We are a full-service, free-standing emergency room located in Houston, Texas. Our goal at Cypress Creek ER is to deliver high quality critical, emergent care to Houston and the surrounding areas.

We feature a full-service, free-standing ER in Houston that is equipped and capable of providing you with the same high-quality medical assistance as traditional hospital ERs. We pride ourselves on our care, as well as the expediency in which you are cared for.

In general, when you think about a trip to the ER, you assume that there will be a long wait time, right? Not only might that prospect deter you from seeking immediate medical attention, but once you do go, you are presumably in some sort of pain that requires immediate attention. No one wants to sit in pain, waiting hours on end, to be seen. At Cypress Creek ER you can trust that you’ll be seen quickly, significantly cutting down on that wait time. We have all of the capabilities of a hospital ER, but without the aggravating wait.

Full Services Offerings

No matter your medical issue we can provide everyone, from pediatric to geriatric, with comprehensive care 24/7. From imaging to laboratory and pharmacy services, we have everything needed to diagnosis and treat your medical emergency on-site.

The next time you find yourself requiring emergency medical assistance, visit our 24 hour Urgent Care in Spring, TX at Cypress Creek ER.  We’ll get you seen quickly and you’ll receive personalized, exceptional medical diagnostic and treatment on-site.